Five ways the right hardware helps your team

This eBook provides insights on how Microsoft® Surface® devices complement teams and manage projects. Cutting-edge connectivity features, such as LTE Advanced™, video conferencing, and Miracast wireless projection, ensure that individuals are always engaged with other teammates when brainstorming or during presentations. Moreover, compatibility with Microsoft 365 apps allow professionals to share files, spreadsheets, and images on the go. For more information about Surface devices, contact us today.

How to get up and running quickly with Microsoft Surface

This infographic serves as a guide for selecting Microsoft Surface devices and related services. Presented as a flow chart, individuals can choose from a 2-in-1 mobile device, compact laptop, and a complete desktop. The second part of the infographic allows users to choose between individual or mass deployment, which includes zero-touch deployment. The final stage offers a selection of device management options: cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises. Contact us today for more information about choosing Microsoft Surface products for your business.

Getting the most out of web conferencing

This solution brief provides actionable tips for enhancing online meetings by using cutting-edge apps and hardware. Microsoft Teams™ is the recommended web conferencing app presented in the solution brief. The free collaboration tool offers highly accessible controls for muting microphones and switching off video, private messaging, whiteboard functions, and more. Lenovo® hardware is presented as powerful devices designed to optimize online meetings with the Teams app. Contact us today to learn more.

Lenovo® and Intel® vPro™ Platform for Business Computing

This informative, interactive tech tour displays the comprehensive features and benefits of the Intel® vPro™ platform available in Lenovo® workstations, desktops, and laptops. Entitled "Lenovo® and Intel® vPro™ Platform for Business Computing," the web page provides the feature set and advantages of the Intel® vPro™ technology, as well as content on how Lenovo and Intel® Select Solutions meet the challenges of today's advanced applications.

Maximizing Your Mobility

This infographic provides tips for a healthy mobile workforce and securing company data. It addresses the importance of having mobile devices, like the ThinkPad®, that provide multi-core processors for demanding apps, enough memory for graphics and spreadsheets, and solid-state drives for maximum performance.

Quick tips for great web conferences

This infographic showcases different ways individuals can optimize online meetings by using the right set of equipment and observing proper web conferencing etiquette. The actionable tips are designed to enhance visual and audio-based clarity during communication. When it comes to hardware for web conferences, the Lenovo® ThinkBook 13s is a powerful laptop that delivers crisp images and high-quality audio. Contact us today to learn more!